• Control paneltours

    cPanel/WHM Control Panel
    All of our reseller hosting plans come with cPanel and WHM. WHM is the control panel you use to administer your clients; a demo is available here. cPanel is what your clients use to control their account; a demo is available here. Both are easy to use and the best on the market.

  • Home plan

    Linux/Windows Hosting

    • 25 GBs of premium storage
    • 250 GB Transfer
    • Host up to 25 individual sites
    • Unlimited email accounts
  • Business plan

    Linux/Windows Hosting

    • 40 GBs of premium storage
    • 350 GB Transfer
    • Host up to 40 individual sites
    • Unlimited email accounts
  • Extra plan

    Linux/Windows Hosting

    • 60 GBs of premium storage
    • 500 GB Transfer
    • Host up to 60 individual sites
    • Unlimited email accounts

What’s included?

Disk Space.

Our disk space philosophy: We provide generous amounts of disk space--more than you'll find at most hosts, all at a very low price. This is because hard drive costs are getting lower and lower, and files are getting bigger, we simply pass the savings on to you. We have doubled the amount of space for even past clients more than once. So, even if you don't need as much space as you get, just rest assured that you won't ever run out!.

Unlimited Bandwith.

Unlimited data transfer is becoming normal these days too. Our internet service provider is giving us dedicated and unmetered 100 mpbs line on each server, so we can offer unlimited bandwidth for you too! Please also note that all files you make available for download must be legal too, and you must have full permission to distribute them.

Money Back Guarantee

Additionally, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee just in case that is not enough. We want to be the last web hosting company you ever use and the one you tell your friends and family about!.